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101 Days of Believing In Myself


We are a community of women who are DONE with the self-doubt, with the limiting beliefs, with saying it can't be done.


We are a community of women who are here to lift each other up and remind each other of our TRUE power.




It may not all happen in a day... but if you show up for yourself, day after day, I guarantee your life will be transformed before your eyes.

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When we we believe in ourselves, the universe responds in infinite possibilities.

Beautiful Soul,


I know what it's like to feel like you're stuck and spinning your wheels.


To feel like everyone around you is making things happen, but you just can't seem to get moving.


To feel like you are held back by something... and to know deep down that that something is your own limiting beliefs.


My love -- the dreams in your heart are there for a reason.


And when you start to believe that they are possible...


They are.

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I know you're so busy, which is why this program is so simple! You'll be supported in this container in 3 main ways:

1. Daily Practice: This is the foundation of this program, as the root of your success lies in your decision to show up each day as the woman who believes in herself! 💛 In order to support you in this daily work, each week, you’ll receive a short video with a message for the week and a Mudra (a hand gesture from the Yogic Tradition that helps us to embody certain qualities), and each day I’ll share a little bit of drop-in inspiration via email to help you move along in your journey and stay on track.

2. Accountability Pods: You'll be connected with other ambitious women in Peer Voxer Groups where you can support and inspire each other through messages and voice notes. 

3. Group Mentor Calls: We will gather once a week for a high vibe zoom meet-ups where we will move our bodies, move our energy, and move into action. Come with questions, insights, or just to be in community. I’ll be hosting some incredible guests during some of these calls as well – they’ll be here to offer their own perspectives and insights. All calls will be recorded and added to your portal.

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Founder of Flow Mamas, Monica “Soma Lynn” de Vitry

is an Intuitive Mentor, Certified Moonologer™, host of The Flow Mamas Podcast, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Visual Artist, Cellist, Vocalist and Teacher. Through Flow Mamas, she helps women to embody and express their highest selves. A Taurus Sun and Rising with a Pisces Moon, you might find Monica meditating, cooking vegan food, checking out a new surf destination, hoop dancing, caring for her many plants, working with her crystal collection, or simply enjoying the sound of the rain or the way the light dances on leaves. Her dream is to open a Healing Arts Center in the jungle of Costa Rica. Monica lives in Central Pennsylvania with her partner, Corey, her son, Luca, and her two cats, Feather and Yukie. Connect with Monica on Instagram @flowmamas, or through her website,