$111.00 USD

30 Minute Tarot Reading

The Motherpeace Tarot is a feminist Tarot deck that encourages connecting with your intuition.

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Please be in a quiet, distraction-free space for our meeting. In order to get the most out of our time together, I recommend spending a little time beforehand meditating, journaling, visualizing, or otherwise grounding yourself before our session.

What People Are Saying:

Monica of Flow Mamas is such a lovely, calming presence and did the most beautiful, spot-on reading for me. She’s like a counselor and spiritual guide all in one. She affirmed the things I’ve been feeling, gave insight and suggestions on how to cope with those things and validated the path I’m on. If you need to give yourself a spiritual hug or gain more clarity, Monica is your person.

Jennifer S.

Monica’s energy and soft spoken radiantly confident voice made this reading so much fun. She was able to articulate what each card meant for my individual journey. I left feeling more at peace to just let things flow to me, that it’s ok to let a few things go as I move ahead, as my future holds so much energy and goodness.

Liz M.