Motherpeace Tarot Readings

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Gain Clarity and Align with your Higher Wisdom

Monica has been reading with The Motherpeace Tarot since 2015. Her approach incorporates mindfulness and visualization, taking you on a journey to deeper levels of awareness and holding space for you to connect powerfully with your intuition. This is for you if you are seeking guidance and clarity on your path.
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Founder of Flow Mamas, Monica “Soma Lynn” de Vitry

is an Intuitive Mentor, Certified Moonologer™, host of The Flow Mamas Podcast, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Visual Artist, Cellist, Vocalist and Teacher. Through Flow Mamas, she helps women to embody and express their highest selves. A Taurus Sun and Rising with a Pisces Moon, you might find Monica meditating, cooking vegan food, checking out a new surf destination, hoop dancing, caring for her many plants, working with her crystal collection, or simply enjoying the sound of the rain or the way the light dances on leaves.